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This Style of Coaching is Best Suited For

Those who want to meet in person to train. This is the best way to have a coaching session where you can be face-to-face and build a great relationship.  Your In-Person Coaching is held at GoBowling Dunstable or if desired, Andy will travel to you.

Lessons Tailored to the Individual

Physical Game

Release Types

Lane Reading / Lane Play

Arsenal Building

Mental Game / Goal Setting


Session Options

1 or 2-hour sessions

1/2 day or full-day sessions

DEAL: 6 session plan for the price of 5


Group Sessions Available

  • Held at GoBowling Dunstable
  • Group sessions are a good way to learn and save money
  • Tailor-made to suit content required – choose from The Super 6 training modules
  • For group sizes of 4 or more - price on asking

You will have the opportunity to choose from over 20 modules to improve your game!

The Super 6

Andy Penny’s “Must Haves” in everybody’s game plan:

  1. Physical Game

    • The Approach - How many steps? 4, 5 6 or more
    • One-handed, Two-handed or Hybrid style
  2. Release Types
    • Grip Check - can't release the ball with a bad fit.
    • Straight shot – for spare shooting
    • Roll shot – for today’s lane conditions
    • The Big Kahuna - the most revs you can get
  3. Lane Reading / Lane Play
    • Basic, national and international standards
    • Easy to follow flow chart system
  4. Arsenal Building
    • Building the set to suit your needs
    • 4 ball sets: League and occasional tournament set
    • 6 ball sets: League and regular tournament set
    • 8+ ball sets: National standard events
    • 10+ ball sets: International standard
  5. The Mental Game / Goal Setting
    • How to think the right things at the right time
    • Playing to win
    • Plan for what is achievable first
  6. Specto 
    • Physical Game Rating
    • Ball Performance Rating

Pricing plus linage rate at time of session

Sessions Junior


Adult/National Standard


International Standard


Single Session £25 £35 £60
6 for 5 Plan £125 £175 £300

What is Included

Physical Game Junior Adult/National Standard  International Standard
Video Analysis
Specto PERFORMANCE 1 Session 3 Sessions Every Session
Release Junior Adult/National Standard International Standard
Techniques 2 Sessions 2 Sessions 3 Sessions
Spare System Junior Adult/National Standard International Standard
Arsenal Building 4/6 Balls 6/8 Balls 8+ Balls
Lane Reading Junior Adult/National Standard International Standard
Advanced Additional Additional
Mental Game / Goal Setting  Junior Adult/National Standard International Standard
Advanced -- --
Specto  Junior Adult/National Standard International Standard
Physical Game Rating
Ball Performance Rating -- --